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Alekos Fassianos Estate: More than a client

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Alekos Fassianos Estate: More than a client!

The Alekos Fassianos Estate is a non-profit civil company founded in 2020 by Alekos Fassianos and his family. It is dedicated to collecting, preserving, protecting, defending by all legal means, exhibiting and interpreting the oeuvre of Alekos Fassianos. 

In 2021 the Estate started its collaboration with PostScriptum. 

PostScriptum undertook the implementation of the international museum collection management software system “MuseumPlus”, documentation, data migration, digital management and training of the Alekos Fassianos Estate team in the software's functions.

With the digitization of the archive & part of the collections to create a digital catalog raisonne, PostScriptum carried out the research & development of an extensive study with recommendations, best practices, strategic ideas for the initial business and communication steps for the Alekos Fassianos Estate & Museum.

The study aims to identify and suggest digital tools and infrastructure to better manage, promote and showcase the work of Alekos Fassianos and to communicate and resonate the artist and his art to a wider audience. 

More specifically, the study includes strategic proposals for the branding of the Estate, curation of central narratives, mapping of the existing situation, outlining target groups contemporary trends in the field of culture or related disciplines, communication policy proposals and presentation of available financial tools for the organization’s further sustainability.

Having now a solid theoretical background and an extensive mapping of the cultural ecosystem as well as of the potential activities and objectives of the organisation, the collaboration with the Estate will be continued by co-designing innovative and contemporary digital art activities.


Photo credits: Louisa Nikolaidou Photography// Courtesy Alekos Fassianos Estate.