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Art-pedia project: Wikipedia on Greek Arts

Art-pedia project: a series of workshops (editathons) in the Greek Wikipedia on the  field of fine arts in Greece spanning from the establishment of the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) to today

PostScriptum in collaboration with the Association of Wikipedia Schools of Greece and the Athens School of Fine Arts  (ASFA)  are launching a series of workshops on Greek Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia, focusing on fine arts in Greece from the establishment of the ASFA until today and is addressed to students of the department of Fine Arts and History and Theory of Art. 

Wikipedia is the contemporary embodiment of the Encyclopedia in the age of the Internet, of the open source content and of the  online communities providing  access to knowledge to a great amount of people worldwide. Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and is now the seventh-most popular website in the world, with its more than 55 million articles being consulted 15 billion times every month.

The Art-pedia project has a  twofold mission. Firstly,  it aims at organizing  educational workshops in order to  enrich Wikipedia or create new entries related to the history of the ASFA as well as increasing the content quantity and intensity of its content circulation. Secondly the project aims at contributing to promotion and dissemination of contemporary Greek art in Greece and abroad. It is widely known that most of the Greek visual artists have been associated with ASFA during the long history of the School. The action aspires to highlight the importance of the history of the School targeting a wider artistic community and art history researchers. 

With the implementation of the project, the enriched encyclopedia will be one of the main portals for information and research on the history of art in Greece within the modern state (from the establishment of ASFA in 1837 until today). Additionally  the project will produce digital and educational material, while encouraging students to familiarize themselves with crowdsourcing activities and the formation of positive attitudes towards diversity, public speaking, copyright issues and the benefits of volunteering.