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Beginning of the project “Healthy mind in a healthy body in the digital age”

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Beginning of the project “Healthy mind in a healthy body in the digital age”

In order to maintain and increase the exposure of the special collection and its disposal to the citizens, the Thessaloniki Olympic Museum implements under the NSRF and the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence", the project "Healthy mind in a healthy body in the digital age". The project has been approved of and awarded to PostScriptum.

The project aims to create the first digital exhibition in Greece based on the history of the Olympic Games. With this project, vital for future generations, it is confirmed the primary role of Greece in the collection, documentation and promotion of the most visible and invisible aspects of this global event. The main goals of the exhibition is to be documented, digitized and enhanced the Greek element, in the Olympic Games. It consists, finally, an open invitation to the public for knowledge and participation with the use of new multimedia applications.

An important innovation of the project is the crowdsourcing application, which will provide an opportunity for people from around the world to participate in developing the content of the museum, offering their testimony, and will highlight the multicultural dimension of the Games. It will highlight also the pioneering nature of an action that does not hesitate to apply the so-called “global strategies” in the cultural field. Moreover, landmark of this practice is to record the Olympic Games from the perspective of the spectator, volunteer, or support staff and the athletes themselves.

The project also includes the virtual exhibition "A healthy mind in a healthy body”, which presents the history of the Games as a timeline, digitization and scientific documentation of 2435 objects, optimization of the website of the Museum in accordance with the modern functional requirements, mobile application for smartphones, which is a special version of the exhibition "A healthy mind in a healthy body", as well as enrichment of Wikipedia, the global encyclopedia.

Finally, an original action under the project, will be the event “Culture Hack” which will be based on a collaborative initiative. The organization of the "Culture Hack" will enable the technological, cultural and creative partner ecosystem of the Museum to submit ideas and create experimental products. The purpose of the workshop is to bring the Museum into contact with the digital communities and create the basis for pilot digital applications using open data and new working relationships.