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CollectionCare: An innovative system for the Preventive Conservation sector

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CollectionCare: An innovative system for the Preventive Conservation sector

One of the most important aspects of museum and collections management cycle is the preservation of cultural objects in the best possible condition for future generation. Since artefacts are susceptible to environmental changes, preventive conservation aiming to avoid and minimize future deterioration and therefore is related to the management of environmental conditions. In this context, it is crucial to consider the original material, the historic environmental stress and the condition state of the artefacts, as well as to monitor some critical physical parameters related to their degradation.

CollectionCare is a EU project that brings together high level expertise and a consortium of leading academic, technological partners as well as internationally acclaimed museums. It is financed by Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation program.

CollectionCare Project aim is to develop an innovative decision support system related to preventive conservation activities, targeting the needs of small-medium sized museums and collections. It will integrate IoT sensor networks of the microclimatology of each artefact at any place with multi-scale modelling for the different artefact materials, while complying with current preventive conservation norms and recommendations. The solution will built on the knowledge of different renown research groups and companies in the fields of PC (KADK, TU/e, LSIWC, UW, URO1 and UPV), cloud computing and big data (ATOS), IoT connectivity (SGF), wireless sensoring (UPV, URO1), artefact transport (CBC, HvK), collection management (PS) as well as a large number of museums to guarantee future market acceptance (DFA-Spain, KMKG-Belgium, CSS-Spain, OAML-Latvia, IEEE-Greece, RDC-Denmark). The consortium of the project and PostScriptum will work for the development of a state-of-the-art tool which facilitate and raise the effectiveness of the way that professionals and collectors monitor, decide and control the environmental conditions of their collections.