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Completion of the two-day conference "PS Value Talks Digital Sustainability - New prospects for museums and cultural organizations"

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Completion of the two-day conference "PS Value Talks Digital Sustainability - New prospects for museums and cultural organizations"

"A storm of ideas and information on the application of technology to museums and cultural organizations" was the comment of the article in Kathimerini newspaper for the conference PS Value Talks: Digital Sustainability / New Perspectives for Museums and Cultural Organizations which was organized by PostScriptum LTD in cooperation with Innovathens hub of the City of Athens and the Greek Free /Open Source Software Society (GFOSS), in the context of the celebration of International Museum Day 2015 "Museums for a Sustainable Society" and was under the auspices of the Greek Section of ICOM (International Council of Museums).

The two-day conference was held in INNOVATHENS on 22d and 23d of May and was broadcasted via livestreaming in, on Facebook of PostScriptum and the website of the National Documentation Centre. Over 200 people were in attendance both days and a total of 1.754 viewers attended 17,567 minutes of video via the platform livestreaming. The comments and posts on social networks sealed the success of the event and opened an online dialogue on the issues that were discussed during the conference.

The position of European cultural organizations given by renowned stakeholders of institutions of the European Union and of our country, with groundbreaking ideas on the digital management and the enhancement of cultural heritage, especially for the Greek cultural sector. The discussion was also attended by representatives of Greek cultural organizations that were present at the workshop and are already working towards openness, innovation and synergies in the cultural sector. The discussion with key speakers was coordinated by Greek academics and prominent executives of Greek cultural organizations, cultivating the ground for the creation of a substantive dialogue on the six (6) themes of the conference.

The context of the discussion was already set on the first day with the salutations firlsty of the Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Nikos Xydakis, who spoke about the need for a national strategy in Culture nd supported the internationalization of cultural organizations, and secondly of the Mayor of Athens, Mr. Yiorgos Kaminis, who repeatedly stressed the importance of innovation, synergies and productive partnerships as sustainable growth drivers for modern cultural organizations in Greece the crisis.

In summary, the main objective of the conference, which was none other than the creation of fruitful dialogue, was achieved by giving the opportunity to the audience and the speakers to hear opinions that reflect the new trends and perspectives of museums and cultural institutions in Greece and Europe.


Watch the videos of the conference in PostScriptum's YouTube channel