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PostScriptum announces the official launch of #ConnectingYouth. The project aims to to establish an encompassing dialogue on youth, education and digital policy between partner organizations and schools from four EU countries (Croatia,Greece,Germany and ltaly). #ConnectingYouth brings  together 5 partner organizations and all the stakeholders involved: young people, teachers, policy makers, youth workers, researchers, institutions from the cultural heritage and the digital market. The project aims at raising awareness for the importance of a proactive attitude of young people towards their personal and professional growth in an increasingly multicultural, digital environment, the necessity of an inclusive, participated process of decision making to face societal challenges, the necessity of bridging the gap between local, national and European levels in youth and education policy and the potential of digital strategies and competences in the promotion of economic competitiveness and of cultural integration.

The project is funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform. 

 See the full description of the project here.