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A dive into digital exhibitions

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A quick dive into digital exhibitions

The contemporary cultural institution is a space of experience, interaction and diffusion of entertaining knowledge.

It is an open, accessible organization spreading to the physical as well as the digital space, fulfilling the requirements of on-site and on-line visitors. Digital technology expands the interpretation, enhances the experience and transcends time & spatial limits.

The recent health crisis drew the focus of cultural organizations on the harnessing of new technological means and enrichment of ways of actions & promotion. Video production & digital content as well as the shift of focus on digital solutions for audience outreach has come to the forefront. 

Live Streaming, on-line cultural tours, digital exhibitions and campaigns on social media preserve the vivid & safe interaction of cultural organizations with their audiences. 

The presentation here (availble in Greek) outlines basic notions & examples of utilisation of digital means in the cultural world.