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Digital Strategy for Culture

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Digital Strategy for Culture

Digital Strategy for Culture, a study that PostScriptum has implemented on behalf of DIAZOMA Association and sponsored by the OTE Group is now available online.

The ‘Digital Strategy for Culture’ study is a specialized tool created to support the Greek Ministry of Culture and local authorities in preserving and promoting the Greek Cultural Heritage. Designed to provide a comprehensive guideline toward the successful development of cultural heritage, specifically archaeological sites and monuments, the study projects the dynamic possibilities for future economic sustainability through the prism of digital technologies.

‘Monuments at the center of life,’ is the motto and the focal point of the study. A  dedicated roadmap representing a spherical and multi dimensional  approach to ‘building the future of the past’ by developing local and regional  partnerships and integrated activities by utilizing the  digital platform.

Digital Strategy for Culture was implemented in collaboration with innovation experts in the sectors of cultural management, digital technology, tourism, financial tools and policy-making and in consultation with stakeholders within these fields.