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Digital Strategy for the National Gallery

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Digital Strategy for the National Gallery

The first phase of Design Digital Strategy for the National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum is completed. The project aims at bringing the organization closer to the new requirements of its audience through the use of digital technology in all aspects of its operation.

It proposes the use of digital media and applications and best practices that will contribute to the audience development of the museum and will enhance the experience of the visitor. The project also includs workshops that aim at training the Gallery staff in new infrastructure technologies and dissemination of cultural content.

Upon completion of the first phase of a survey, it was studied in depth the current situation of the organisation, its assets and it was also completed the first cycle of training workshops. The results of the first phase will be the basis for developing the second part of the project, relating to proposals of using new technologies both online and in situ and also to the audience development through digital media.