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Editathon Europeana 280 at National Gallery

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Editathon Europeana 280 at National Gallery

On April 21st between 11: 00 and 14: 30 an editathon a, under of Europeana Art History Challengewill be held at the Library of the National Gallery, with scientific guidance from the museum curators, coordinated by the Wikipedian Pavlos1988, and supported by Wikimedia UG Greece and PostScriptum. The Europeana 280, in which National Gallery participates,is a pan-European campaign that aims to engage people with the common European art heritage.

On the occasion of Europeana 280, European Wikimedia communities run the action Europeana Art History Challenge which is associated with the Art History collections, which are among the first thematic sites / collections of Europeana.

Objectives of Europeana Art History Challenge is:

1. Create or improve vocabulary for art projects of our country in our own language.

2. Translate articles for other countries artwork in our own language.

3. Improvement of Wikidata for art projects and any object wikidata (item) related to the subject for the artwork.

The campaign will run between April 15 and May 30, 2016.

The event is open to Wikipedians and of course to the general public that is interested in the topic. The aim is to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and information about art objects that marked the European history as well as to prepare entries for the Greek art in Greek which will be the basis for the translation in other 38 European languages.

The action includes a contest with prizes at local and international level.

*The Library of the National Gallery is located in Grove Army, Goudi, Katehaki Avenue entrance, Katehaki Metro Station. It is useful if you have available laptop.