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Get into Games

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Get into Games
On Saturday, April 22, we had the pleasure to participate in the panel discussion about gaming in museums, in the framework of the two-day event  GiG → Edu. The two-day event was organized by INNOVATHENS as part of the "Get into Games" (GiG) activities, a series of activities relative to games, which are organized with the support of the General Secretariat for Information and Communication (GSG).
GiG → Edu was dedicated to the use of electronic games as tools in school and preschool classes and also as interpretive media in museums and cultural institutions for young and old people.
The topics of the conference were reviewed by academics, educators and of course designers and developers. We were there to share our experience about game design methodology for museums and its contribution to museum experience and, in particular, about the games we designed for the National Historical Museum as part of the project "National Historical Museum. Virtual Exhibitions and Educational Applications for the Modern Greek History" that we implemented.
A very interesting experience, which once again brought up the value of gaming and gamification in the educational process.