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MuseumPlus celebrates its 20 year anniversary with PostScriptum Greece

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MuseumPlus celebrates its 20 year anniversary with PostScriptum Greece

MuseumPlus, Europe's No 1 collection management software, represented exclusively by PostScriptum in Southeastern Europe, chose Greece to celebrate its 20th birthday.
zetcom. Company members from offices around the world (Bern, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Denver, Athens & Singapore)  came together in Tinos, one of the most beautiful Cyclades in October 2018.

Their 7 -day trip agenda kicked off with a partner's workshop where new products, goals, ideas, concepts and evaluation of the existing work processes were discussed. It continued with a 3-day leisure including all kinds of the island's incentives visits at local villages, museums (Marble and Tsoclis Museum) wineries and awarded local restaurants, special activities (bike tour) and a birthday party at Nissos Brewery. Since 1998 MuseumPlus has been a high-quality collection management software with 750 sites in 27 countries around the world. MuseumPlus users have a clear view of all collections-related activities across an organization and all the necessary tools to fully document their collection. And as a web-based tool, MuseumPlus offers an essential feature: access to all of data anytime, anywhere!