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PAGODE Technical Workshop

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PAGODE Technical Workshop

PostScriptum, in collaboration with Photoconsortium and Europeana organizes the PAGODE Technical workshop. Originally this was a  project event focused on dataset enrichment and initially scheduled to take place in Athens, due to the covid-crisis this event was expanded and transformed in an online gathering on the 26th of October.

During the PAGODE technical workshop we will discuss and share knowledge on metadata curation, strategies for the use of vocabularies and thesauri, semantic enrichment by natural language processing and entity extraction methods, all with a strong focus on building capacity inside Cultural Heritage Institutions. With the participation of Europeana as a keynote guest, a section will be specifically dedicated to the process of aggregation of data for publication in Europeana portal, but also to the importance of its role in the digital transformation of cultural organizations with the adoption of common policies, legal frameworks and technical interoperability standards (Europeana Publishing Framework, Europeana Licensing Framework).

With the focus on the curation and promotion of Chinese cultural heritage preserved in European Cultural Heritage Institutions, in order to share their collections and metadata across new sectors and borders and in this way to increase awareness and usage of Europeana the importance of thesauri and vocabularies in Chinese and China-related Cultural Heritage will be presented from the Department of Asian Studies of the University of Ljubljana and PAGODE project partner.

Additionally, Photoconsortium, our Italian partner will kick-off of the first phase of the annotation crowdsourcing campaign entitled “Scenes and People from China”. Participants will be asked to look at images available in Europeana and add more descriptive tags. “Scenes and People from China” is a carefully selected collection that offers a glimpse of life in China throughout the 20th century as well as portraits featuring people with Chinese roots or ancestors. From casually posing families to stately portrayed celebrities and from evocative landscapes to impressive heritage sites, this gallery helps to paint a picture of China seen through the eyes of its residents and visitors. Chinese communities abroad are depicted as well, adding an extra dimension to this visual reflection of Sino-European relations.

With a strong focus on exchanging know-how and best practices, the second part of the session the strategy that has been designed and implemented at for the enrichment of the digital collections of Greek cultural heritage will be presented. follows an integrated process of data enrichment, which combines systematic scientific editing, with the use of automation tools for the semantic enrichment of collections of the types of documents, dates and historical periods, as well as topics.

Finally, PostScriptum will present the semantic enrichment process of Chinese cultural records, hosted in European Cultural Heritage Institutions using natural language processing and entity extraction methods implemented within PAGODE action aiming at the enrichment of Europeana collections. You can download the agenda of the workshop in the following link and you can register to the event via Eventbrite. We hope to see you all online.