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FUTURE is handmade in Greece

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FUTURE is handmade in Greece and Greek Crafts are re-imagined and re-articulated.

Re-imagining Greek Crafts.

FUTURE is handmade in Greece

The new face of Greek Crafts was presented at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, Kiosk 13th with a state- of- the-art live display of contemporary artworks that connect crafts with art, design and fashion, thus by unveiling its dynamics, functionality and the potential positive economic impact that it can have for Greece, the country’s branding and the empowering of local communities & economies. 

The project is initiated by the Ministry of Culture & Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Development & Investments and is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and  Resilience Plan,  Greece2.0

The kiosk was designed by PostScriptum in collaboration with the set designer Constantinos Zamanis, creative director Yola Giftoula and Art Director Costa Polatoglou
supported by the construction companies, Interform & Clevermedia. 

Works by Kalos & Klio, Spyros Drakos, we design, PostFolk, Poppies in July, Lefteris Avgoklouris facilitated a unique dialogue between tradition & contemporary expression.
Meanwhile, a unique portfolio of creations by the new generation of craftmakers was digitally projected. [  3quarters, a jewel made in Greece, Alexandra Bissa, Alexandra Tsoukala, Attic Black, Thesis Wood, Christina Skouloudi, Klotho, Corina Coutouzi, Despina pantazopoulou, Eva Chiladaki, Fluffie, Icebow Designs, Inger Carlsson, Ioulia Geraskli, Joanna Grigoriou, Judith Allen - Efstathiou, Kalos & Klio, Keras, Kirki, Kontakis Design, Mantility, Maria Grigoriou, Menandros Papadopoulos, Mia's Design, Myrsini Alexandridi, Pantelis Vitaliotis, Pontikis, PostFolk, Sergios Fotiadis - we design, Spyros Drakos, StudioLav, Theodora Chorafas, Topodom, Vanessa Anastasopoulou, Yanna Krimpithi, Yannis Papadopoulos, Vassia Pachi & George Giannoutsos, Nikos Golas, Mirto Zirini]Lenousa holeva, Joanna Grigoriou, Maria Throuvala, Xenia Nefelly marmarometry, Maria Gonidou hand woven, Salty bags, Fotini Kariotaki, Giorgos Varvatsis, Panagiotis Drakopoulos, Giannis Drakopoulos, Evi Papavero structivi] 

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