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Ancient Olympia features at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

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Ancient Olympia features at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Greece, home of the Olympic Games, offers exclusive content to Beijing as host of the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

PostScriptum travelled to Olympia to complete shootings for high end digital material to be displayed at the experience silo inside the venue of the Winter Olympics at Beijing. The experience silo will host a special digital exhibition devoted to the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the values they established and their importance.

The project includes panoramic captures of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, of the ancient site as well as thematic short videos with personalized narration by Kostas Antonopoulos,  archeologist of the site explaining main themes of the Olympic Games and its timeless ideals & symbols.

A high end production took place this December on site including video making, creative scripts, 360 capturing of the spaces in focus, drone views as material for an immersive exhibition for broadcasting in the Chinese media, on platforms and on site at the venue of the Games.

The technological & scientific expertise of both Greece and China is an invaluable asset in the execution of this project.

A production by PostScriptum and the Tsinghua University to be previewed at RE International Center for Digital Creativity & Innovation-driven Winter Olympics Space 

#eastmeetswest at 2022 Winter Olympics
As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics draw to a close, we are happy to organize this online event where experts and guests from Greece and China are invited to review the exciting topics of the Games relating to Olympic Ideals and Spirit.
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