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Αναζήτηση συνεργασίας με Wikipedian in residence

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Seeking cooperation with Wikipedian in residence

The National and Historical Museum on the occasion of the project "National History Museum. Virtual Exhibitions and Educational Applications for the Modern Greek History", seeks cooperation with Wikipedians in residence for a period of 2-3 months, which will help to coordinate efforts on learning and writing articles in Wikipedia and act as the link with the community of the Museum. We seek people with experience in contributing to Wikipedia, which will inspire our partners and they will introduce them in the world of World Encyclopedia through a series of seminars. The ability to communicate and co-operate and the desire to inspire the next Wikipedians are necessary. We need people who want to share their knowledge, guiding and answering questions about the practices and policies of Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. Fields of interest are mainly culture, history, archeology, art and everything related to the collections of the National and Historical Museum. Your request is necessary to include:

1. Accompanying text explaining why you would like to participate in this group. Please include your Wikipedia username and a summary of your experience as a Wikipedia editor and indicate the techniques and your other skills.

2. CV. E mail submission address:

Telephone: 210-7292288-9

Closure date for submission: 03/28/2014