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“Small Lessons on a Large World": human history in 54 hours

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“Small Lessons on a Large World": human history in 54 hours

A bold new series "Small Lessons on a Large World" with Maria Efthimiou, Professor of History at the University of Athens, premieres on VOULI (HELLENIC PARLIAMENT) TV next Saturday, October 3.

The series, consisting of 54 hourly episodes, will be screened every Saturday at 18:00 and repeated every Friday at 20:00.

The World History lectures, given by Maria Efthimiou on a pro bono basis, were presented all over Greece from 2006 to 2018 to packed halls attracting large and varied audiences, representing all ages and educational backgrounds.  These same lectures will now reach the wider public through a televised program.

PostScriptum originally digitized these lectures and, in collaboration with the production company, Steficon, created a series of 54 one-hour episodes in the form of ‘mini lessons’ highlighting important moments in history. The program is directed by Maria Douza under the academic supervision by Maria Efthimiou. (check if correct pls)

Maria Efthimiou unravels the thread of the narrative with a unique directness and humor. Through her remarkable storytelling skills, she takes the audience on a fascinating journey while encouraging the study of history and beneficial gain. The tradition of her successful courses is enriched with audiovisual materials, animated maps, timelines and music in a way which does not interfere with the flow of the story but, to the contrary, enhances the lectures of the prominent Professor of History at the University of Athens.

In responding to the difficult conditions of the pandemic and to the emergency measures prompted by the spread of the coronavirus in our country, these lectures, which, for years, where held in municipalities, schools, universities, cultural institutions and even in prisons and detox clinics throughout Greece, are now available on television for all viewers to watch and enjoy.

See the teaser here