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Succesful completion for the Thesswiki project of the Library and Information Center of the AUT

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Succesful completion for the Thesswiki project of the Library and Information Center of the AUT

Thesswiki project has now become part of the city and continues to grow! The action "Laboratory of writing articles in Wikipedia: a literary walk in Thessaloniki" which was organized by the Library and Information Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was remarkably successful.

The action aimed at writing articles related to poets and writers associated with the city of Thessaloniki (places of the city where novels took place or places associated with the lives of poets and writers), with the cooperation of faculty members and volunteers students of the Foundation.

According to the Library, the action was a unique experience for both the students who participated and for library staff and it was a difficult task with long-term results.

Thanks to the efforts of students and under the guidance of the teachers, articles were improved and new entries were created, using scientific methods and documentation. At the same time, student volunteers photographed the city and places where literary works took place.

Undoubtedly, the most important result of this action was to gather all this material that connects places of Thessaloniki with literary works. This "indexing", which presupposed a lot of time and effort to carry out, is an invaluable material on which can be built a lot of entries and enrich the material for the city of Thessaloniki in Wikipedia.

Encouraging for crowdsourcing and open content initiatives, as Thesswiki, is the message of the Library that they intend to continue working on this project and deal with the technical part that concerns the connectivity of the works of writers (ie QR codes).

Indicative entries that were created as part of the action:

Roula Alavera

Amanatidis Vasilis

Nikos-Alexis Aslanoglou

Nikos Vassiliadis

Anastasi Vistonitis

Stella Vogiatzoglou

Alcibiades Giannopoulos

Alexandra Deligiorgi

Risen Evaggelou

Stavros Zafiriou

Toli Kazantzi

Maria Centre-Agathopoulou

George Kitsopoulou

Baptist Markoglou

Mark Mesko

Kostis Moskov

Manolis Xexaki

Saki Serefas

George Skampardonis

Anthony Sourounis

II. Sotiriou

Fotiadis Thanasis