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Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe

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Προς μια ολοκληρωμένη προσέγγιση για την πολιτιστική κληρονομιά για την Ευρώπη

The report "Towards an integrated approach to the cultural heritage for Europe" emphasizes the importance of maximizing the inherent economic and social value of cultural heritage to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

The Expert Group on Cultural Heritage, which operates under the societal challenge 5 of Horizon 2020, says: "The cultural heritage is a major force for the 21st century. Not just in the heart of what it means to be European, but concerns all governments and citizens as an essential tool for improving the competitiveness of the economy, human life and the natural environment. "

The report presents the conclusions of the Expert Group and offers the considerations that will be the basis for setting the new agenda of European policy terms of research and innovation in the field of cultural heritage. The report sets out the general framework for cultural heritage and the contribution that it could have towards smart specialization, inclusive sustainable development, setting three priority objectives:

• Economy: Promoting innovative financial and investment models for increasing the effectiveness of cultural heritage.

• Society: promoting innovative use of cultural heritage in order to encourage integration inclusive of cohesion and participation.

• Environment: Promoting innovative methods for sustainable use of cultural heritage to contribute to the sustainable development of Europe.

The report draws material and documentation of best practices where cultural heritage is a positive motive for sustainable development.