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We welcome the new MuseumPlus to Greece!

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Museums & Institutions need to efficiently manage increasingly complex workflow in diverse geographical areas.

PostScriptum launches the new version of MuseumPlus by zetcom, an application server, web-based application with interfaces based on HTML5 and compliant with an array of global documentation standards ( SPECTRUM, CIDOC CRM, Dublin Core, LIDO etc).

As a web-based tool, MuseumPlus offers an essential feature: Access to all of your data: anytime, anywhere! The efficient interface design simplifies day-to-day work processes.

The new Museum plus is also available on a SaaS version (“Software as a Service”) which optimizes the function and the preservation of the system by supporting monitoring, updating (backup & restore) & maintenance.

MuseumPlus classic can be easily upgraded to the web-based version, while new clients can easily enter MuseumPlus world directly with the new state-of-the-art web technology!