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Wiki Loves Monuments for the first time in Greece with the cooperation of PostScriptum and Thesswiki

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Wiki Loves Monuments first time in Greece with the cooperation of PostScriptum and Thesswiki

To Wiki Loves Monuments is a public cultural heritage monuments photography contest, organized by the annexes and the Wikimedia user groups. It was for the first time organized in 2010 in the Netherlands, followed by pan-European event of 2011. Wiki Love Monuments 2012 organized globally and many countries attended worldwide, including Canada, Chile, India, Panama, Ghana, Philippines, Russia, South Africa and the United States.

PostScriptums supports the Wiki Loves Monuments action, organized for the first time in Greece by annexes and the Wikimedia user groups. Thesswiki volunteers in collaboration with PostScriptum assist on organizing the competition and was in charge of the coordination of activities to enrich the entries relating to North Greece.

The competition aims to ask the general public, readers and users of Wikipedia, amateur and professional photographers, etc., to photographs cultural heritage monuments and to upload them in Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia, is the seventh most popular website in the world. It collects and organizes the open content and has managed to make feasible the goal of access to knowledge for all mankind. It is a valuable digital strategy tool that is able to make known worldwide our sites and enhance the digital footprint of our cultural heritage worldwide. Proper use of digital technology, with a sense of sensitivity parameters and rules of conduct of cultural heritage creates the conditions for opening to new audiences without geographical restrictions.

As part of the competition and in particular on the occasion of European Heritage Days, PostScriptum in cooperation with theBig Olive support a photographic stroll that will be organized in Thessaloniki by the Wikimedia Community User Group Greece, in order to shoot archaelogical sites and monuments. The starting point will be the White Tower on Sunday September 25th at 10:30 am.

More information about the walk here.

Let's make our monuments known all over the world!

We wish everyone good luck



We wish everyone good luck!