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Wikipedia Marathon for Greek Fashion and Greek Costumes

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Wikipedia Marathon for Greek Fashion and Greek Costumes

The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation organizes the action "Marathon Wikipedia for Greek Fashion and Greek costumes which focuses on the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (PFF)" as part of its participation in the European project Europeana Fashion, which is a three-year project funded by the European Union and in which the PFF is one of the 22 partners throughout Europe By the end of March 2015 at the Europeana portal Fashion over 700,000 digital objects associated with fashion will be published. The company PostScriptum, which implements the PLI ESPA program "The PFF in the digital age", is involved in the organization of the action’s event.

This action addresses to instructors and students from various university departments (theater studies, sociology, history, folklore etc.), fashion and costume museum curators, historians of clothing, folklorists, “bloggers” fashion and any interested party, and aims to enrich the Greek Wikipedia –and potentially the Anglophone Wikipedia- with entries relating to Greek local costumes and the Greek fashion during the course of time. It is implemented with the participation and supervision of members of the Greek Wikipedia. Wikipedia consists an evolution of the encyclopedia in the internet era, the open content and online collectives and provides the potential to access to knowledge for a very large amount of people worldwide. It’s worth to be mentioned that the overall quantity of related entries is currently rather insufficient.

More specifically, participants will be invited to write new entries or edit older ones. During the Marathon the participants will have the opportunity to meet personalities from the fields of fashion and costume design, as well as curators of the PFF, and discuss with them about the museum and its collections. In addition, there will be a brief presentation of the Museum's collections, the Europeana Fashion as well as training in the guidelines for writing and formatting techniques in Wikipedia.

The auditorium will also have internet access to Wi-Fi network. Participants should only have with them their laptop or any other portable device. Anyone who will not manage to register their entry during that day or have to leave before the end of the program, can complete the writing and uploading in Wikipedia at another time.

Participants will be invited to a special for them free tour to the permanent collections of the Museum in Nafplio and they will receive a 10% discount on any purchases they make in the museum shop.

In conclusion, we inform you that on 5 and 6 February, and one more time at the premises of Harokopio University, there will be held a seminar for Wikipedia and the methodology on writing entries, in connection with participation in the PFF ESPA program afore mentioned. Those who wish to have more comprehensive training in order to take part in the action of the 7th February, you are welcome to attend the sessions 5 and 6 February, 17:00-20: 00.

(Harokopion University / Omirou str. 9, Tavros, near “Tavros” ISAP station)