Collection Management System for the Benaki Museum

Cultural Management Innovation
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Collection Management System for the Benaki Museum

PostScriptum increased the reach of users’ licenses for MuseumPlus, the collection management system, which reach the  39 in total, as well as expanded the Museum’s website under a broader initiative to digitally upgrade the Benaki Museum. The Museum has a collection of antiquities (prehistoric, ancient Greek and Roman), works of Byzantine, post-Byzantine art and modern Greek art, memorabilia from 1821, works by European and Greek artists and representations of Coptic, Chinese, pre-Columbian and Islamic art.  The Museum also manages the archives of Hadjikyriakos Gikas and Yannis Pappas.

Within the context of digitised services offered by the company, PostScriptum customised the export configuration of the Digital Archives of Modern Greek Architecture creating an electronic database. Data migration was followed by the connection with the collections’ multimedia material, utilising the specialised tool provided by MuseumPlus for the automated mass import of multimedia content into the system.