Destination Portal for Aitoloakarnania

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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In the context of the project "Tourism Cultural Window of Aitoloakarnania Municipality" PostScriptum created a Destination Portal for the region of Aitoloakarnania. For the implementation of the project it was necessary to collect, photographe, digitise, document and translate the content given. The development and the installation (with data migration) of the website, which included tourist and cultural information about the area, was the next step. In the Destination Portal of Aitoloakarnania the user can make a virtual (three-dimensional) tour through the application installed and alternatively to make a tour through the interactive map. PostScriptum was also in charge of updating the data with the digitised content and also for the user training.

The project was an educational and simultaneously entertaining application (edutainment) that "animates" the region of Aitoloakarnania for the users, making their tour highly interactive and fun.