Digital Modern Art

Funding for Cultural Organisations
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Within the framework of “Digitisation, Documentation and Promotion of the National Museum of Modern Art,” PostScriptum undertook the development of the infrastructure and digitisation of the collections of the Museum. The project included selection of thematics, photography, digitisation and protection of the main works of the Museum’s collections. In addition, the company implemented the installation and customisation of “MuseumPlus,” a collections management system, and was in charge of training the museum staff. In addition, PostScriptum implemented the transfer of digitised exhibits to the Museum’s new web site, as part of another project. 

The project contributed to the development of the technological infrastructures of hardware and software for the organisation and also to the management and promotion of digital works. It also secured the wider access to the audience and the use of archival collections through the digitisation of secondary products. The spectrum of the Museum’s exhibits – two-dimensional paintings, three-dimensional installations, video art, artists files, increased the demands and the difficulties in implementing the project but successfully tested MuseumPlus software in such a differentiate environment.