Digital Museum G. Iakovidis

Cultural Management Innovation
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PostScriptum undertook the design and implementation of the G. Iakovidis Digital Museum Ιακωβίδη in Lesvos. The idea of a digital museum, where gaining information becomes an 'experiential' experience, is innovative and sets high standards. A digital museum, dedicated to the renowned Greek painter G. Iakovidis, together with the total absence of actual art works is a major challenge, with exceptional demands.

PostScriptum had to create and organise an exhibition in an existing building - Museum, whose main purpose would be a digital media tool. This complex project included selection of subject matter, photography, scientific documentation and digitisation of the exhibits, as well as choice of promotional tools (multimedia interpretation, digital). With the completion of the necessary museum study, the design and production of audiovisual and interactive multimedia applications were executed. Through exhaustive and multi-level expertise supported by modern digital applications, a visit to the museum turns into a visual experience providing both enjoyment and knowledge. For the execution of this complex project, the talents of a large team were employed, consisting of specialties, such as photographers, writers, directors, museum experts, editors, professionals in new technologies, as well as special lighting and museum construction.

The G. Iokavidis Museum is the first digital museum in Greece and one of the most innovative projects in the area of culture in Greece.