Digital Tour in Athens of Yesterday and Today

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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PostScriptum undertook the digital upgrade of the Museum of the City of Athens. The museum installed the MuseumPlus collections management system which organises its collection with accuracy. In addition, a virtual museum was designed, which exhibits a large amount of its collection (56.000 objects were digitised and documented). The new Museum’s website includes thematic chronologies and interactive maps, experiential events and virtual tours to monuments and historic trails.

An important innovation of the Project for the visitors of the museum is the application "Virtual e-guide", which offers an interactive tour in Athens based on a template (model) of the City of Athens of the Professor John Travlos. Basic points of the model (about 100), which are important historical buildings but also important points for the architectural history of the city and the urban evolution, are pointed within each route, creating an interesting experience for the user.

The objective of the Project was to introduced the visitor in the wealth of history, culture and life of Athens - and then the new Greek state- from the mid 19th century and beyond. The project was implemented in cooperation with the company ATCOM.