Digitisation and Enhancement of Foundation's Michael Baron Tositsa Cultural Heritage

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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Digitisation and Enhancement of Foundation's Michael Baron Tositsa Cultural Heritage

The Folklore Museum of Metsovo is the only Museum of Folk Art of Epirus and gives visitors the opportunity to experience the architecture of the mansions of the era. With a view to maintaining and highlighting the special collection of the Museum and the proper disposal of it to citizens, the Foundation implements in cooperation with PostScriptum and under the NSRF and the Operational Program "Digital Convergence", the project " Digitization and Enhancement of Foundation’s Baron Michael Tositsa Cultural Heritage”. The project aims to contribute to the promotion of the particular identity of the Metsovo area, while at the same time inform the younger generations about the folkloric history of the place, with a view to contribute to the preservation of historical continuity and strengthening of the local community.

This project included the digitisation and documentation of critical part of the collection of the Folklore Museum of Metsovo (1303 objects) and the introduction of it to the leading digital collection’s management system MuseumPlus while, through the subsystem eMuseumPlus, the collection is now accessible to the public online.

This project contained also the enrichment of the online environment of the Foundation and interactive multimedia applications. These include: virtual tour of the museum's collection, which is based on the idea of ​​"living history", attempting to view the permanent collection through the representation of the activities taking place in the premises of the museum, an interactive Timeline, which presents the most important events in life E. Averof and the history of Metsovo of Epirus from the 15th century until today, and educational applications for children, teenagers and adults. In addition, it was created the app for smartphones and tablets "Treasures of Metsovo" and also a projector was installed in the physical space of the Museum, which allows visitors to watch a 15 minutes video with stories of local residents, folklorists and historians interviews, archival photographs and recordings, filming in Metsovo and the surrounding area.