Digitization and Promotion of Cultural Heritage George Zongolopoulos Foundation

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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Digitization and Promotion of Cultural Heritage George Zongolopoulos Foundation

The project "Digitization and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Foundation George Zongolopoulos" was implemented under the NSRF and the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence".

The project included scientific documentation and digitization of 1.095 documents from the collection and the archives of the Foundation and the supply of MuseumPlus, a reliable collection management system. The Foundation’s collection is now available in the new website, which was developed under the new operational requirements, by the subsystem eMuseumPlus, allowing the audience to access he exhibits in high resolution through a page of contemporary aesthetic.

Crucial to the promotion and enhancement of cultural resources was the copyright clearance of the collection items in order to identify the licenses for further future use.

New interactive applications were developed and hosted to the new website which allow the user to navigate the collection through virtual exhibitions and draw more information through the Interactive Timeline. The user is also able to tour virtually the physical space of the Foundation through the application digital tourm which includes additional information for some of the exhibits. The aim of the applications is to increase visibility and access to the works of the artist George's Zongolopoulos.

The international scope of the work of Greek sculptor is highlighted in the application Zongolopoulos in the world but also with the educational application The sculpture in space, which combines education with entertainment (edutainment). Most of the information gathered in the site is available through the app for smartphones The Sculptor Zongolopoulos, aiming to meet the needs of a large section of the public, which uses the mobile device to surf the Internet and search for information.

The project included, finally, digital material uploading in Wikipedia and educational seminars, during which the scientific team and friends of the Foundation became familiar with the principles and rules of Wikipedia and trained in writing articles in order to strengthen its presence in the global encyclopedia. Part of digital cultural material produced under the project was uploaded on Wikipedia and created a total of 80 articles about the Foundation.

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