Eco Tourism for the Olympic Games, Athens 2004

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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In 2004, PostScriptum undertook the design and execution of a multifaceted and highly demanding project focusing on the Greek Ecotourism Product, with a view to the Olympic Games. Under the programme “Development of Tours in Areas near the Six Olympic Cities”, PostScriptum, in cooperation with environmental studies and communications companies, coordinated a complex communications package.  The project included the publication of 7 books containing tourist information; 26 three-page leaflets; 32 posters; photography book; gift kit; 10 info kiosks in the Olympic cities, with interactive maps, CD-ROM,  Ecotourism Portal; information on events in conjunction with visits to ecotourism sites in the six Olympic cities.

The project created a single, recognisable branding for ecotourism presenting all the advantages of the Greek ecotourism product, which benefited the providers of services, as well as the Greek economy and tourism.