Europeana Inside

Καινοτομικές Προτάσεις
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Europeana Inside

Europeana Inside is a network of best practices, cofounded by the European Union. It was consisted of 26 partners who represent large cultural institutions (mostly museums, among which the National Gallery of Athens and Benaki Museum) and providers of software collection management systems from all over Europe, aiming at increasing accessibility to the Europeana repository.

Despite the fact that Europeana has made a significant progress in concentrating a large volume of content, technical and institutional barriers that has been raised during the participation process, caused problems in attracting and assuring the content.

Europeana Inside has incorporated the necessary technical work advances of the project within the existing systems used from the majority of the European cultural organizations’ collection management systems. The compliance of metadata and mapping was made according the Europeana’s specifications. Besides that, tools and interfaces which facilitate the intersection of the local standards with the ones of the central platform, were created.

Europeana Inside managed to contribute a wider quantity of digital content to Europe, via Europeana, promoting the wealth and diversity of the European cultural heritage. 


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