Exhibition “Three Towns-One Tale”

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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Exhibition “Three Towns-One Tale”

The “Three Towns-One Tale” anniversary exhibition was an initiative of the Museum of Victims of Nazism in Distomo (MVND) and the Archive of Ioannis E. Stamoulis. The main theme of the exhibition was the Nazi atrocities that struck three European cities in June during the II World War: Distomo, Lidice (Czech Republic) and Oradour (France). The exhibition was attended by the traveling exhibitions of the Lidice City Museum, “Lidice Tragedy” and the Oradour City Museum, "Oradour-sur-Glane, Souviens-toi ...".

PostScriptum designed the museological concept and - in particular - the content and the graphic design of the Distomo panels. Items from the MVND archives, the Benaki Museum and the National Historical Museum were gathered. In combination with thorough research, PostScriptum wrote the texts, selected the images and designed the panels that narrate the tragic story of the Massacre of Distomo.

The aim of the exhibition was to bring together the stories of the three cities and to cultivate the dialogue on peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding and solidarity among the peoples of Europe.

The "Three Cities – one Tale" exhibition was presented in the multipurpose hall at the Syntagma metro station on 1-4 June 2017 and was moved to Distomo shortly thereafter. The part that concerns Distomo was transferred to MVND, where it will be permanently installed.

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