OCC Datacentric: a datacentric approach to OCC's digital assets

Developments of Digital Strategy
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OCC Datacentric: a datacentric approach to OCC's digital assets

The project OCC Data Centric is an infrastructure project with a view to more effective management of digital assets of Onassis Cultural Center through a central Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).

It is a thorough study based on research and new trends in technology. In the first stage of the project it was held audit and record of existing data and workflows in the organization in order to study the current situation. Simultaneously the existing intellectual property regime was recorded and studied as well. Basic part of the study was the examination of the produced content itself and the values’ ​​flows representing this content in order to comprehend the systems that need to "talk" the new DAMS.

All the above research led to the recording of the results, to recommendations for a better and more efficient data and asset management strategy in the organisations and to the formulation of the specifications for the procurement of a DAMS,  which were all incorporated in an extensive study.

The project was significantly interesting for PostScriptum, due to the fact that the management of cultural assets for performing arts institutions is a field that is recently activated internationally. Additionally, the archives with content of performing arts have specific characteristics associated regarding both the content and the way they are organized which is challenge for their management.

With projects like OCC DataCentric, the PostScriptum operates in a data-centered ecology of sustainable cultural content and supports cultural organizations to utilize the data produced for the promotion of their organization.

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