The Bathroom: A trip to the body and the soul

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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The Project "The Bathroom: A trip to the body and the soul" is the digital representation of the full operation of the Bath House of the Winds, not only as a body cleansing process, but also as an important - timeless and cross-cultural - social meeting point, fully incorporated in the city's daily life. The project included the creation of digital interactive applications on the Internet and in the physical space of the museum regarding the cleanliness and the beautification of the body.

More specifically: a virtual / digital museum was created, which included multimedia applications (interactive timeline, virtual tours bath areas, “Digital Impressions" app and educational applications). The Museum also installed the eMuseumPlus system, which was used for the migration of the data from existing bases and sources of the museum in the virtual exhibition.

The panoramic tour allows the visitor immediate access to the information of each item, which was digitised and documented as part of the Project.

An important part was the creation of experiential exhibition within the monument itself, which digitally "animates" the space of the Baths, in order to synthesize through audiovisual and interactive interventions, the optical illusion of the process bath in successive halls, giving the opportunity to the visitor to enjoy and experience the Bath.