Transcribathon Athens

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Transcribathon Athens

PostScriptum and the National Historical Museum of Greece organized a 9 days Marathon   for the transcription of historical documents from the First World War. Transcribathon Athens was hosted by the National Historical Museum, in cooperation with Europeana, Facts & Files and PostScriptum, as a contribution to the ICOM International Museum Day 2018.

Europeana Transcribathon 1914-1918 is an online crowdsourcing initiative for the transcription and annotation of unique and unpublished material. The aim is to create a vast and fully digital record of the written stories in Europeana 1914-1918.

Transcribathon Athens was the very first Greek Transcribathon and took place from Wednesday 9th May 2018 to Friday 18th May 2018. Over the Transcribathon, participants competed in small, intergenerational teams to transcribe and annotate as much as they can, where each team was assigned specially-selected Greek documents from the First World War. The teams had the full 9 days of the competition to transcribe, and on the last day, Friday 18th May, a jury awarded winners in the categories transcription, annotation and presentation.

Trancribathon Athens came to a very successful end with a total of 769 documents and over a million characters being transcribed. Paraskevas Dimitopoulos was awarded as top transcriber among 40 participants and transcribed 260,037 characters. In the categories Transcription, Enrichment and Presentation the winning teams were Athens 2, Athens 1 and Athens 5. Explore the transcribed documents here


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