Virtual Educational Museum Opera

Development of Digital Strategy
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Virtual Educational Museum Opera

PostScriptum implemented the project "Virtual Educational Museum Opera & Training Programs for Opera using ICT" under the NSRF and the Operational Program Digital Convergence. It is a project with an interactive and educational character and high artistic value. The aim of the virtual museum is to present online and in an interactive way the culturally fascinating world of opera.

The project includes thematic virtual exhibitions, three separate timelines for the highlights of G.N.O., the performances and the related persons, rich multimedia content, virtual tours of the buildings where today are hosted the performances of the G.N.O., 3D model tours of the buildings that are under construction, digital guest bookapplication, the application "Electronic Compass", a special interactive application, where  the key points of the history of Opera in Greece are visualized and displayed. Information about the plays, the artists and special stories consist a living history and travel the user in time.

Important part fo the project were the digital educational applications that were designed apart from the Virtual Museum. Suitcases with rich educational material were created, specially designed for the Greek National Opera. The material includes text, artwork and animated scene elements (actors, scenery, musicians), CDs and DVDs with audiovisual material and working brochures. In addition, teaching dossier were designed for teachers in order to familiarized them with the opera.

The "Virtual Educational Museum Opera" will contribute to the overall effort to upgrade this important cultural institution in our country. Through all these applications it will be possible for any interested citizen, but also qualified researchers worldwide, to gather information, to observe, to inform, to teach but also to enrich and review the material offered by the National Opera.

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