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PostScriptum digital strategy study is a detailed roadmap indicating the best route for maximizing your digital footprint.

Our Culture strategists develop a custom-designed masterplan for your organization to successfully navigate in the digital environment now and in the future.

In driving your organization forward we identify your critical priorities and strategically coordinate communication with your audience and the general public.

A cornerstone for the future, the digital strategy study defines future directives and addresses current societal changes. Solutions are adaptable to all screens and meet the demand for open knowledge. The study aims at empowering your brand identity in the cultural sector; digital preservation and curation of cultural heritage, development of digital interpretations and learning approaches, multi-channel distribution.

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Digital identity: We study the specifics of each individual organization, focusing on its cultural capital and audience, in order to develop a timeless brand-identity strategy, which will enhance its digital awareness and become a key ingredient in all communication platforms.

Digital infrastructure and data-centric architecture: We manage cultural items throughout their life cycle, starting from their digital preservation to their optimal reuse by ensuring best practices at all stages: recording, digitization, documentation, editing, processing and enrichment of data on the web.

Interpretation and information systems: We propose and implement up-to-date strategies regarding cultural content and user experience design, in order to reach public and audience with the best-possible way and expand outreach to all digital channels, both those controlled by the organization and those generated by users. The new digital cultural products develop and leverage the educational value of cultural information.

Digital reuse: We suggest new revenue streams by mapping the value of items related to licensing of their intellectual property and copyright, by preparing feasibility studies and by identifying synergies with potentially addressable markets, including tourism and creative industries.

Digital communities: We work in a creative manner along with organizations in order to efficiently communicate their products to different audiences and enhance their communities (off- and online). We organize innovative activities to disseminate knowledge in order to maximize their awareness in local, regional, sectorial, national and international audience. 

Digital skills: We support our customers' training activities, focusing on digital skill-building, digital tools and we initiate them in semantic Web 3.0