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With a proven track-record in managing over 80 complex and long-term cultural projects in the past ten years, PostScriptum is a highly competitive partner for designing and developing digitally innovative works.

As strategic consultants with extensive experience in the digital environment, our team of digital specialists has the skill and know-how for solutions that drive high performance and facilitate the user experience.

Focusing on the multi-dimensional activities of today’s cultural organization, we provide tailor-made solutions for our clients using the newest technologies.


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As contractors:

We have the required skills and expertise and we are certified by ISO 9001: 2008 for project management. We understand the complexity of all parameters involved, focusing on the important ones which can affect duration, cost and quality of a project: resources, organizational and technical infrastructure. We use a systematic project management method to ensure project implementation according to initial design and other constraints of our client, co-ordinating efficiently all stakeholders involved, and focusing on its smooth progress and successful outcomes.

We ensure the validity of our services by entrusting operations to a culture of people and executives; our deep knowledge in culture enables us to adapt to the nature each individual project, the character and requirements of each organization and to perceive its aspirations in a timely and substantial manner.

We stand by our clients even after a project has ended assessing the impact of its deliverables and discussing for new extensions and possible adjustments to new requirements.

As technical consultants:

We prepare the institutional / administrative framework for the smooth implementation of projects by contractors and foresee the implementation of all necessary precursor actions ensuring all necessary authorizations and licensing.

We explore ways to finance projects.

We monitor all pre-contractual workflow, including tender procedures, public consultations up to the final contract.

We check performance of each contract by monitoring its compliance with the prescribed procedures and contractual requirements for both the contractor and the contracting authority and advocate the reception of contractual deliverables by strict quality control processes.