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who we are

Established in 1991, PostScriptum are strategic consultants with expertise in culture with specialization in the digital environment and valuable resources to support the museum, cultural and heritage community.

We are a multidisciplinary team of consultants, digital specialists, museologists, art historians, research experts and creative minds dedicated to digital consultancy in culture.

From cultural products for administrating and safeguarding collections to digital exhibition design and breakthrough ideas for audience development in museums, we are committed to opening new horizons for cultural organizations and heritage projects.

We partner with Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Foundations, Companies & Corporate Organizations and Local Governmental Agencies.

Step into our world for a closer look at who we are, what we do and some of our projects.

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areas of our activity

Our customers are Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Agencies of contemporary cultural creation, Foundations, Companies with high Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Governmental Agencies.

Our sectors of expertise include Cultural Heritage, Creative, Cultural Economy and Entrepreneurship, Cultural Tourism, Lifelong Learning, Capacity building and the Internet.

areas of activity
meet our team

Κostas Κonstantinidis

Managing Director
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Vassiliki Psatha

Archeologist, Digital Curator
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Mina Karatza

Research Manager
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Katia Demertzi

EU Projects Administration
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Efthimios Mavrikas

Product Designer
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Phoebe Konstantinidi

Cultural Tourism Products
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Panagiotis Siaterlis

Financial Consultant
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Pavlos Stamos


Thalia Kimpari


Spiros Trivizas

Digital development director