We represent, support, and develop high value-added products specifically tailored to the cultural sector, focusing on the organization, curation, and promotion of all assets managed by museums, archives, libraries, and private collections.


Exibo is both a modular exhibition system and an innovative approach to designing experiential spaces for both public and private venues. It aims to enrich the visitor-user experience by providing an ideal framework for storytelling.

Designed in accordance with contemporary European environmental standards, it adheres to the principles of the three Rs: Reuse – Reduce – Recycle. This not only fosters economies of scale but also allows for the amortization of acquisition costs over subsequent uses. Its versatility enables it to serve a wide range of purposes, including mobile exhibitions, installations, scenic setups for performing arts organizations, and product presentations.

It embodies a comprehensive approach to sustainable architectural and exhibition design, rooted in a geometric principle. Through repetition, extension, and sequence of specific geometric elements, Exibo creates original and captivating spaces for presenting ideas, values, stories, and products.

In cooperation with Polyptychon.