We specialize in strategic consulting, securing financial
, and executing complex projects in cultural

Our process begins with a thorough mapping of our clients’ needs, followed by assembling the right working team from our extensive network of collaborators to meet the unique demands of each project.

We explore various funding opportunities for operational plans, drawing from National, European, and Private resources. Our approach is customized based on the unique characteristics of each project, leveraging our extensive experience and effectiveness in co-financed and sponsored programs.

We implement best practices, leveraging our multi-layered experience and proven ability in program management and the implementation of cultural projects.

We propose solutions aimed at maximizing digital footprint through strategic and operational plans tailored to each client’s needs, serving as “intermediaries” between cultural organizations and the digitally interconnected society.

We elevate our clients’ strategies and aspirations by suggesting funding-eligible actions and collaboratively exploring them to ensure the necessary resources for implementation.

Whether as contractors or technical consultants, we ensure the successful implementation of our clients’ projects, contributing to the development and outreach of cultural organizations.

What we offer

We design digital strategies for cultural organizations, driven by shifts in society, the agenda of a sustainable, digital, and green Europe, profound technological advancements, and the growing demand for democratized knowledge. 

Our overarching goals include:

  • establishing the organization’s digital within the digital cultural landscape
  • digitally preserving and curating cultural assets
  • developing innovative digital interpretation and learning approaches
  • ensuring widespread, multichannel distribution and long-term sustainability
  • expanding audience reach and fostering sustainable social and economic growth

We manage cultural artifacts throughout their lifecycle—from digital preservation to their reuse in the digital sphere—ensuring high-quality infrastructure at every stage: recording, digitization, documentation, curation, processing, and data enrichment.

We curate and design innovative exhibitions, both physical and digital, offering interpretive solutions that seamlessly blend the physical and digital realms (phygital), all while prioritizing the visitor’s educational and immersive experience.

We propose unusual and creative “out of the box” ideas to enhance the visibility of cultural organizations.

We innovate to secure the economic viability of cultural organizations, bolstering creativity and operational prowess with a digital edge.

keywords: Collection Management, Archive Management, Digitization, Documentation, Aggregation, Promotion, Digital Strategy, Digital Shift, Digital Literacy, Online Audience Development, New Revenue Streams, Sustainability, IPR Issues, Open Content, Semantic Web, Digital Exhibitions, Big Data, Creative Industries, Experiential Design, GLAM, Storytelling, Internet of Things, ICT

The cornerstone of a successful cultural strategy for any locale lies in the dynamic interconnection primarily between the local community and, by extension, its visitors, with a rich array of cultural experiences, products, and opportunities. While cultural infrastructures are undoubtedly essential, their significance and impact reside in strengthening these connections.

For cultural-based strategic plans for local development, we therefore propose a digital platform that includes three innovative infrastructure and development subsystems: the digital repository, the hybrid community, and the destination showcase. These digital or hybrid ecosystems strengthen collaborations with both local and supralocal entities, potentially attracting new entrepreneurial activities and investments, thereby revitalizing the entire local community: from local businesses to potentially abandoned buildings and facilities.

To this end, we undertake the following:

  • Study for identifying the scope
    • Definition and analysis of intervention fields
    • Collection of best practices (local and international)
  • Mapping of existing situation
    • Data collection by category or area and analysis
    • Recording of existing active stakeholders, programs, and activities
    • SWOT analysis (evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • Strategic plan
    • Comparative evaluation – Proposed actions/action typologies
    • Funding sources investigation
    • Prioritization – Implementation timeline of proposed actions
    • Methodology for impact assessment and sustainability of the plan

We propose new models of economic planning that connect the creative industry, marketing, communication, entrepreneurship, tourism, innovation, and technology with the strategy and management of cultural organizations. 

We encourage PPPP synergies (People-Private-Public-Partnerships). Collaborations between the public and private sectors with the involvement of citizens.

keywords: Intangible Heritage, Living Lab, Public Private People Partnership, Quadruple Helix, Regeneration, Inclusiveness, Participatory, Community, Local Growth, Cultural Tourism, Crowdsourcing

Cultural diplomacy encompasses the exchange of ideas, information, art, language, and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples with the aim of promoting mutual understanding. 

We implement cultural outreach actions at both organizational and national levels:

  • developing the Wikimedia community to contribute more and better articles to Wikipedia, as well as Greek-themed entries in other language Wikipedias
  • undertaking productions and interactive applications of specialized embedding systems for touring exhibitions abroad
  • implementing and appropriately developing data of the Greek culture for major platforms

keywords: Public Diplomacy, Greek Language, Europeana, Wikipedia, Google Arts & Culture, Travelling Exhibitions