Europeana Space

Cultural Management Innovation
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Europeana Space

Europeana Space is a European project that brings together high level expertise from European creative industries and a consortium of leading academic and technological partners. It is financed by the ICT Policy Support Programme, as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

PostScriptum participates in the Europeana Space Program as technological and scientific partner. In collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre and the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), PostScriptum undertook the analysis of standards and the development of applications created by the project, ensuring the interoperability with the data sources (Europeana, Wikipedia, Flicker, Technical Space).

The objective of Europeana Space is to increase and enhance the creative industries’ use of Europeana and other online collections of digital cultural content with ultimate ambition the production of value and innovative business models. The project tries to provide practical solutions to a number of problems that limit the use and exploitation of the material, such as copyrighted content or the fragmentation of content collection and redistribution technologies.

It creates three different physical and virtual environments which deal with technical issues (Technical Space), content issues (Content Space) as well as with issues regarding innovative business models (Innovation Space).

This framework develops guidelines and web tools to manage intellectual property, hackathons and workshops to inspire and support content providers and experts in order to further support creative entrepreneurship. In addition, a number of thematic pilots (including interactive TV, photo, toys, hybrid versions and educational applications) explore different scenarios for the re-use of digital cultural content, with a special focus on the re-use of the content accessible via Europeana, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

For each of these themes has been developed a demonstrator. PostScriptum was in charge of Cavafy demonstrator, which aims to disseminate and make accessible the richness of the Cavafy oeuvre and investigate how the impact of digital literary applications such as this demonstrator, might be increased within specific educational and cultural contexts, and Irish Tales demonstrator, which  aims to promote the richness of Ireland’s storytelling tradition in an online educational context and, within the broader context of the Europeana Space Project, to demonstrate the potential that cultural heritage and creative industry partnerships can have.

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