Athens Music Week

PostScriptum presents two engaging panel discussions at Athens Music Week 2024

Athens Music Week (AMW), a premier boutique conference and showcase festival in Athens, returns for its sixth year at Technopolis City of Athens from May 22 to 25, 2024. AMW brings together music lovers and music industry professionals from the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond to celebrate music, exchange knowledge, and explore contemporary multicultural and technological market trends. This year’s event promises a rich blend of discussions, presentations, workshops, interactive experiences, and numerous concerts featuring local and international artists and personalities.

PostScriptum is proud to announce its participation in AMW 2024 through two compelling panel discussions, perfectly aligned with AMW’s vision of innovation, sustainability, and cultural exchange. Our involvement underscores our dedication to integrating technology, cultural heritage, and creative industries, and supporting sustainable growth in the cultural sector.

We invite all music and cultural professionals and enthusiasts to join us in these enriching discussions and contribute to shaping the future of the music landscape.

For more information and to register, please visit Athens Music Week’s official website.

Panel Talks Presented by PostScriptum

Spotlight on Athens: Cultivating a Vibrant Music City

Date: Thu 23 May
Time: 11:15 – 12:15
Venue: Amphitheatre, Technopolis City of Athens

Prepare for an immersive and exhilarating exploration into the potential of Athens to become a thriving global Music City destination. Amidst its vibrant streets and historic venues, we’ll delve into the city’s rich cultural and musical heritage, envisioning Athens as an international hub for music and culture.

From fostering grassroots initiatives and supporting emerging talent to embracing innovative cultural actions, our esteemed guests will offer valuable insights on initiatives that propel Athens on this transformative path.

This event is ideal for musicians, cultural entrepreneurs, music tech experts, urban planners, and arts advocates eager to influence the future of music in Athens.

Moderator: Georges Perot


  • Georges Perot (FR/GR) – Founder & Artistic Director, AMW / Founder & Managing Director, MESO Events
  • Louka T. Katseli (GR) – Professor Emerita, University of Athens / CEO, EDEM
  • Stavros Gasparatos (GR) – Contemporary Music & Mixed Media Projects Curator, Athens Epidaurus Festival
  • Nikos Patrinos (GR) – Managing Director, Technopolis City of Athens
  • Alex Galinos (GR) – Vice President, Athens Development & Destination Management Company

Sustainable Social and Economic Growth: Music & Culture as a Catalyst for Fueling Development

Date: Thu 23 May
Time: 12:45 – 13:45
Venue: Innovathens, Technopolis City of Athens

Athens Music Week is proud to host this panel discussion, poised to shed light on the vital intersection of music, culture, and sustainable development.

The panel’s esteemed line-up will discuss the influential role of music and culture in promoting sustainable development and driving social and economic advancement. The discussion will highlight specific cases where cultural initiatives have revitalized urban areas, enhanced community bonds, and spurred economic innovation. Discussions will also cover successful strategies for embedding arts and culture into regeneration projects, showcasing their capacity to drive economic vitality and social harmony. Insights will cover policy frameworks that effectively harness cultural capital for comprehensive and sustainable growth.

Moderator: Yannis Aspiotis (GR)


  • Yannis Aspiotis (GR) – General Director, Polyptychon
  • Jesper Mardahl (DK) – Managing Director, Promus / Conference Organizer, SPOT+
  • Kostas Konstantinidis (GR) – CEO, PostScriptum
  • Kostas Markygiannakis (GR) – Founding Member & Artistic Director, Music Village International Arts Community
  • Vassilis C. Karamitsanis (GR) – President, ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival
  • Natalie Tsirigoti (GR) – Events Marketing Communications Manager, SNFCC