New Educational Perspectives for Adult Learners in the Field of Ceramics

CRAFTS+ is a collaborative project between PostScriptum (Greece), M.E.S.O. (Greece), and Idea O.K. (North Macedonia) focusing on the integration, inclusion, and diversity in the field of education, aiming to enhance skills and provide high-quality learning opportunities for adults. Specifically, Crafts+ is a support program for individuals and informal micro-enterprises operating in the field of ceramic craftsmanship, aiming to transform them into formal and sustainable businesses.

Initially conducting a needs analysis and challenges faced by potters and ceramic businesses, best practices, successful examples of initiatives, and specific needs encountered in the craft sector were identified. Based on the research results and subsequent educational workshops in Athens and North Macedonia, a condensed curriculum was developed to enhance the different skills required for individuals in the sector to adopt a modern, successful, and sustainable business model. This study program will be digitally presented in the form of an online course on a specially designed platform for the project.

In parallel with the development of strategies to support sustainable economic development through CRAFTS+, craftsmen, freelancers, and micro-entrepreneurs collaborated and exchanged experiences and knowledge, forming a dynamic network of partners that can bring added value to the future of the craft sector.

CRAFTS+ is a project of the Erasmus+ program.

Explore more at craftsplus.eu.