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Culture Hack Workshop in the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki

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Culture Hack Workshop in the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki

Culture Hack Workshop for the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki took place on Monday 20/7 in theMuseum’s premises. Culture Hack Workshop was a collaborative initiative which enabled technological and creative partners of the Museum to discuss on the digital collection of the Museum and submit ideas for creating experimental products.

The workshop was addressed to the student audience, the heart of the Museum, in order to create a digital student community. Teachers mostly of secondary education were present and submitted their ideas in collaboration with the Museum curators, PostScriptum and its technical partner in this project, Digital Innovations.

The educational community will meet again the Museum in September, when the schools which intend to participate in this initiative and create a product will be officially informed in the context of the information day for teachers, which is traditionally held every September by the Olympic Museum. The latter will support the procedure by opening its collection, which was digitized under the project "A healthy mind in healthy body in the digital age”, and giving the schools the necessary material.