"100 Years of GSEVEE"

"100 Years of GSEVEE"
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"100 Years of GSEVEE"

"100 Years of GSEVEE" project aimed to celebrate the centenary of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE). Old and new associations and federations, professions and persons associated with the history of GSEVEE and trade unionists and tradesmen, compositions of boards of directors and conferences, vigorous strikes and claims, the social and cultural dimension of GSEVEE businesses and their treatment by the state have been points of interest and highlight, that link the present with the past in an endless search for new forms of action.

PostScriptum has undertaken and completed the design and implementation of the anniversary exhibition, which was hosted at the GSEVEE premises, as well as the design and development of the digital exhibition platform.

100 cubes were formed and placed in the exhibition area, representing the centenary of GSEVEE's activity. The visitor's narrative path followed 5 distinct thematic sections. The cubes were combined to form different layers to host titles, small explanatory texts, and interpretative media or as canvas for highlighting photographic material from the GSEVEE archive. A key issue for the selection, both of the information presented via this construction is to highlight the multidimensional importance of GSEVEE.

The exhibition, both in situ and in digital, presented GSEVEE archival material while addressing the history of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants  businesses in Greece, but also an opportunity  to a more meaningful study of the history of their trade union movement through a contemporary look and new interpretations "illuminating" and highlighting the different aspects of GSEVEE.

The objective of the physical and digital exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of the work, role and history of GSEVEE, which, on the one hand enables its people to explore the history of the largest Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants confederation in the country, and on the other hand to present to the general public what GSEVEE stands for.  

"100 Years of GSEVEE"
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