E-Byzantine and Christian Museum

Implementation of Cultural Projects
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E-Byzantine and Christian Museum

E-Byzantine and Christian Museum is a web platform designed according to the new functional requirements, giving free access to rich digital collections and archives about the culture of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine years featuring the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

Under the Project, the Museum is equipped with the internationally recognized software for the organization of museums and management and promotion of their collections, MuseumPlus, which, through the web interface eMuseumPlus, gives the museum the opportunity to publish on the Internet, enriched information about its collections.

Photo high resolution panoramas depict the approximately 4,500 sq.m. of the actual exhibition space and forms the basis for a virtual tour of the permanent exhibition of the Museum. The new online platform also hosts five virtual thematic routes with objects-stations selected from the permanent collections.

Through the application Warehouse, visitor becomes familiar with the functions of a modern museum and is informed about the maintenance procedure and protection of museum collections while the Interactive timeline, ten major exhibitions that Museum made during the last twenty years are presented in an original timeline using diverse material. Another application that has been created is the Interactive Calendar, which presents works landmarks from the Museum's collections while providing information about the Museum’s activities and function.

A series of educational applications-memory and observation games, creative activities and role plays are the Interactive educational applications which exhibit objects of collections in an attractive way and encourage learning through entertainment.

The Electronic guest book invite the web visitors to comment, post photos and videos and also evaluate their experience of visiting the virtual museum while encouraging the creation of social networks and creative relationships with the world of the Museum.

Finally, parts of the project are also the Tour app for "smart" phones, which allows the visitor, choosing the exhibits with a special mark, to have free access to texts and audiovisual material and enables them to follow a personalized tour in the permanent exhibition of the Museum, and the Interactive information station (infokiosk) in the physical space of the museum, which complements, reinforces and enriches the experience of the visit.

The project "E-Byzantine and Christian Museum" funded by the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence", "Macedonia - Thrace", "Crete and the Aegean Islands", "Thessaly - Central Greece - Epirus", "Attica» 2007 2013. PostScriptum implemented the project in cooperation with EWORX. 


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