Enrichment Wikipedia Contest regarding the Revolution of 1821

Cultural Management Innovation
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PostScriptum actively participated and supported the action "Marathon of Wikipedia on March 25th focusing on the collections of the National Historical Museum", which was held under the auspices of Ministry of Education (21/10/2014, Ar.Prot.170949 / C7) which was an initiative of the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS). The action was implemented in cooperation with the National History Museum, partner PostScriptum, the National Research and Technology Network (GRNET), the School Network and with the voluntary participation of the Wikipedia School.

The aim of this action was to enrich Wikipedia with entries on the Greek Revolution and the general themes of the National Historic Museum through the active participation of teachers and students and raise the educational community of the proper use and importance of Wikipedia, a project of open content that PostScriptum supports.

More specifically, the action included a competition of article writing in Wikipedia for groups of secondary school students under the supervision of the school teacher. At the disposal of the participants were proposed articles, relevant material from the collections and the Museum archives as well as other online sources. During the contest, the PostScriptum organised Wikipedia enrichment seminars in order the groups to acquire the necessary skills.

The competition involved 26 schools from all over Greece while the initial participation exceeded 40 schools. The competition ended with the award of the best article in the premises of the National Historical Museum in the Old Parliament Hall at the end of May 2015. Winning teams were: 1st prize: 1st Highshool Lappeio - Naoussa, 2nd prize: General High School of Tychero - Evros, 3rd prize: 2nd High School of Kaisariani,  High School of Karlovasi - Samos, 3rd High School of Komotini.