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PAGODE Thematic Collection

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PAGODE Thematic Collection

China in Europe. This is the first European digital heritage project with a Chinese Epicenter. Having completed a year of implementation PAGODE-Europeana China project has completed a prime accomplishment. This project, aimed at creating a dedicated thematic space that highlights and celebrates Chinese heritage in Europe, officially launches a feature page, today, April 4th, showcasing a variety of Chinese and China-related cultural heritage items and resources from European cultural institutions such as museums, libraries and photographic archives

Visit the new thematic space

Themed galleries, blog posts and curated  digital content will guide visitors through  this online treasure trove. Image by image, story by story, visitors can  immerse themselves in the rich narratives of two worlds that have been meeting and mixing for centuries. The feature page will offer ample opportunity for discovering the stories of Empress Cixi, of the mandarin duck, of the Chinese junk, and exploring thousands of curiosities and stunning images of Chinese heritage in Europe:

 To be added to the page in  September 2021 is a virtual exhibition of Chinese heritage and art in Europe.

PostScriptum is the partner responsible ensuring content quality and for promoting technical procedures for supporting high-quality improvement and semantic enrichment of content in Europeana.

Moreover Postscriptum as the official delegate of Europeana in China, participates in the project being responsible for the liaison with China by promoting Europeana in China through workshops and presentations at cultural heritage institutions and fostering opportunities for collaboration between Europeana and Chinese parties.

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About PAGODE - Europeana China

PAGODE - Europeana China, co-financed by the CEF Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union, enriches Europeana by offering high-quality reusable images and compelling stories, in a safe and engaging online environment that is bound to become a great resource for educators, researchers, creative industries and photography and culture enthusiasts.









1. Peasant Paintings from Huhsien Country, Peking 1976, 55. CC-BY Bai Tianxue, Östasiatiska museet via Europeana

2. Landscape by Gao Qipei, circa 1700-1730, China. Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands, Public Domain, via Europeana