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SOFIA Foundation: a new partnership for PostScriptum

A new partnership was launched for the SOFIA Foundation and PostScriptum. SOFIA Foundation features rare and unique collections covering a wide range of Arts and Sciences. Its purpose is the promotion, exhibition and exploitation of collections, contributing to the expansion of the study and research. It also attracts academics, researchers, collectors, friends of the arts and letters.

In this context, the Foundation adopted the MuseumPlus Collections Management System for the optimal and accurate organization of its collections. MuseumPlus will now be the main tool for managing their digital assets in order to contribute to structuring the information adequately and promoting the collections worldwide. Foundation staff will be trained by PostScriptum on the collection management system in a series of educational seminars.

The collections of the Foundation include Literary and Historical Archives of Greek and world history, collection of unique and rare editions from the 16th century till today, the richest greek folk literature library and Art collections (Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Poetry, Music, Dance, Theatre, Printmaking, Photography, Comics). Finally, the Foundation owns a rich Game Collection, one of the largest in the world, with games from the 16th century to the modern world. Part of the Game Collection is exhibited by the Foundation of the Hellenic World  under the title "Toy Stories: Collectibles Toys Star Wars" and also in the Game Museum of Aradippou Municipality.